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May 19, 2022 

MAPA Virtual Workshop

is a Full Day Event! (5 CEUs)



Registration can be up until the start of the workshop. 

Here is our plan for May 19th 

(It’s JAM PACKED as the NAAP Platform is available for 6 hours)


Welcome & Speaker: Darcy DeMars

“Show the Love on Social Media”

Session Description: All senior living providers claim to have the most beautiful buildings, the most convenient amenities, and the most caring employees. What if instead of just “telling” people about your community, you could actually SHOW them? And what if it didn’t cost you a cent? Learn how you can use social media to SHOW the love you are sharing with residents, their families, and employees. It just might make people want to live there and work there!




Speaker: Samantha Sleeman

“Getting Your Volunteer Program Off the Back Burner”

Session Description: This workshop is designed to be a resource for people who are tasked with coordinating volunteers on top of their primary role. We will take a look at ways that they can work volunteer coordination into their role, steps that they can take to be more effective at coordinating volunteers, and some resources to help them along the way.


Speaker: Rob Lahammer

“Maximizing Life Enrichment Opportunities by Examining Engagement”

Session Description:  

Rob’s session is sure to be inspiring as you are invited to embrace his (possibly nerdy and FUN) passion of resident engagement. The difference in the concepts of satisfaction and engagement will be highlighted as engagement drives a feeling of connection and ownership in the program for all. Rob will share his analysis of the activity profession in the hierarchy of senior care and some misconceptions our profession faces. The session will also dive into inspiring other departments to support activities while we all navigate work force crisis, like never before.


Membership Meeting/Lunch Break

12:45 – 1:45pm

Speaker: Ann Schrempp

“Bridging Generations: Creating Connections through the 7 P’s of Successful Intergenerational Programs”

Session Description: Bridging the generational gap, Ebenezer’s Intergenerational Day program facilitates exchanges between children and residents of their senior living communities (referred to as “Grandfriends”).  As each learns from one another, they share their own experiences and enjoy the vitality and energy of the children.   This program helps both children and their grandfriends grow, share knowledge, develop lif skills and it’s FUN!  Many benefits hold true for both seniors and children: Enhanced Socialization, Learning and Ongoing Skill Development, Sharing Life Experience and Knowledge, and a Deeper Understanding of Diversity.




Speaker: Jenny Schroedel

“ Find the Way Back to Joy: Loss & Resiliency in a Time of Pandemic”

Session Description: During this Session Chaplain Jenny will reflect with attendees on all that we have come through, both professionally and personally during this pandemic. She will offer insights into the different types of losses we may have experienced and how they can impact us (both at home and at work). Finally, she will offer a path forward as we explore how healing works and concrete actions that each of us can take to increase our resiliency, professional satisfaction and joy.


Educational sessions are free for all to join. To receive CEU credit, participants must be a member or pay the one day workshop fee. Other MNSWAP Regions are welcome to join in the sessions and share with their Region.  Registration can be up until the start of the workshop. CEUS's will be available after event with confirmation of participation from NAAP and proof of payment for membership/day registration.



Registration can be up until the start of the workshop. 

September 2022

MAPA Session (half day event)

location to be determined

Sessions to be determined


January 11, 2022

MAPA Virtual Session (NAAP Platform)

Full Day = 5 CEU's!!


Catherine Braxton

Julie Reginek

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