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MAPA Session highlights

September 06, 2023
Topic: "The Caregiver's Guide to Communicating with persons who Have Hearing loss"

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TED (Telephone Equipment Distribution Program) is a state wide service that provides phone devices for Minnesotans who have a hearing loss, speech or physical disability that limits their use of a standard telephone.

Provides devices such as

  • amplified phones

  • bluetooth streamer

  • captioned telephones

  • electrolarynx and voice amplifiers

  • ring signaling devices

  • smartphones and tables

  • smart speakers

Topic: "Older Body is a Great Read"

Website resources:

Awe Walking:

  • a sense of vastness, mystery, altered consciousness

  • listening to what your body - What is it telling you?

  • only positive emotion

How fast are you walking?

  • introspection

  • what is your natural speed

  • what is the speed of your life at

  • what dose the opposite speed of your life feel like

  • what speed would you like to be at

Tying in the dimensions of wellness- observation

  • Physical: what would wellness feel like in your body

  • Meaningful work: how would you carry you body

  • Social: your role and value in society

  • Intellectual/mind: aware of your passion

  • Emotional: where dose emotional wellness live in your body

  • Spiritual: vastness of universe

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