MAPA Seminar Information

January 14th, 2020 – 9-11am  

Speaker: Sarah Ciavarri  

Topic: Wholehearted Leading when Stress Burnout and Comparison Say Why Try

Kick off the new year celebrating activity professionals week with an inspirational speaker  




We are planning a full virtual day worth up to 5 CEU's!


Since MAPA is Region 6 of MNSWAP, and MNSWAP is an affiliate of NAAP, we are able to use the NAAP Zoom platform for a fee to host our MAPA sessions. It will cost a bit but NAAP will run the meeting, handle all of the logistics, handouts, and anything else that comes along! 😊 

We are still working out the logistics but here is our lineup of speakers:

  • Pam Hayle
  • Julie Reginek
  • Ann Holme, Ombudsman

More details will be coming via MAPA Newsletter, Facebook on our website when we have all the details ironed out.


MNSWAP 2020 Fall Conference
October 8, 2020
Virtual One-Day Conference
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and social distancing, MNSWAP will be offering the fall conference virtually as a one-day event.. 

5 CEU / NCCAP Approved
Only $50 for the full day
Registration opens August 13 on the MNSWAP website
MNSWAP One-Day Virtual Conference Speaker Line Up

Speaker Alisa Tagg

Alisa Tagg, BA ACC/EDU CADDCT CDP CDCS, Association Director of the National Association of Activity Professionals, has been a certified activity consultant since 2006 and an activity director working primarily in skilled nursing facilities since 1995. She enjoys teaching the MEPAP education course to new activity professionals. She also works as an independent consultant in various facilities throughout southern Nevada. Alisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a provider’s Certificate of Completion specializing in Aging with the Nevada Geriatric Education Center and is a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer, a Certified Dementia Practitioner with the National Certification Council for Dementia Practitioners, and a Certified Dementia Communication Specialist with the Silver Dawn Training Institute. Alisa is the past President of NAAP. She has always enjoyed working with elderly populations for the majority of her life and has a great love for the elderly. In 1988, Alisa was named the Indiana Health Care Association Teen Volunteer of the Year. Alisa speaks on local, state and national levels on various topics relating to health care and the activity profession.
Alisa's Session Topics
Session 1
The Movement of the Activity Profession
 Session 2
Combating the Blues Through Activity Programming

Speaker Theresa Thorland

Theresa started her career in 1983 as the Activity Director/Volunteer Coordinator in a 60 bed facility in Nebraska.Theresa is presently working as the Corporate Director of Wellness/Community Life for Tealwood Senior Living. Working in the profession gives Theresa first hand experiences and a real life understanding of the challenges healthcare providers face in long term care. Theresa is also the owner of Activity Director Certification Services and has provided education and consulting services to activity professionals across the United States since 2000.
Theresa's Session Topic
Session 3
On the Horizon Serving CoOccuring Populations in Older Adult Settings

Speaker Cat Selman

Educator. Motivator. Communicator. Consultant. Author. Catherine R. "Cat" Selman uses her dynamic personality and compelling presence to spread the message of positive continuing education for healthcare professionals. A seasoned lecturer, Cat has more than 30 years of experience in management, social work, activities/ recreation, education and consultation.

Cat's Session Topics
Session 4
One to One Activities from Around the World
Session 5:
Closing Keynote- Look for the Helpers

National Association of Activity Professionals Conference is Coming to Minnesota!
April 20-23, 2021

10,000 Possibilities

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