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Pink Sugar

Session Highlights


January 25, 2024

AM Session: "Laughter Yoga"

  • Breathing exercises with laughter

  • Asking participants to laugh, asking others to all laugh

  • 3 of each, space out laughter

  • Add physical elements

  • Draw from personal/universal experiences

  • End on a positive note

  • And remember: Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

Handouts available to participants


PM Session: "Dementia Best Practice: Person Centered Care"

  • Giving choices

  • arguing  escalates a situation


Care Givers Prayer

by Ron Cooper

May I strive to say the right thing at the right time.

May I look to others to help shoulder my burden.

May I tend to my needs to avoid overload.

May I look to my higher power for guidance.

May I avoid managing every aspect of care.

May I sharpen my listening skills.

May I realize I can never know everything.

But I will learn the most important things.

May love guide my every action

And keep me centered upon the precious one in my care.

Adapted from A Grateful Survivor: Tips & Tributes for Cancer Caregivers (2019)


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