From the MAPA President

Greetings MAPA members,

“The Deep Roots Never Doubt Spring Will Come” ~ Marty Rubin

In times like these truer words could not have been spoken. These last two years our roots have grown ever deeper in our profession. We have branched out in ways we never imagined possible, creating new, adaptive ways of doing old everyday activities. We have taken chances and soared higher, bringing brighter days to those we serve. Thank you for enriching the lives of each and every adult you care for!

I am blessed to be part of MAPA once again this year, this time serving as your President. In addition, we are so excited to welcome Secretary Ellie Leohner from Broadwell Senior Living & Education Chair Ann Schrempp from Ebenezer to the MAPA board.

And as Anita Krizzan says it best: "Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer."


Jen Lachermeier

MAPA President