From the MAPA President

Greetings MAPA members,

On this warm summer night, I sit on my porch once again, listening to the thunder rumble. Lightening cracks across the sky as the wind blows harder. The trees bend and the rain falls making the loud pitter patter sound on the sidewalk. I think of all the days we have endured the past two + years. Some days have been dark. Many tears have fallen hard. Our voices have rumbled. Our confidence has blown & bent. And yes, some of us may have cracked a time or two. But we have persevered! We have survived the storm and our bright shining faces have emerged from behind the clouds and we have begun creating beautiful rainbows again. WE are stronger and have deeper roots in our passion for what we do than any storm could ever withstand. 

Always remember my friends, “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine”- Mario Fernandez

Blessings for a storm free summer,

Jen Lachermeier

MAPA President