Education Chair

Job Description for MAPA Board

Metropolitan Activity Professional Association


Job Summary:

The Education Chair shall coordinate educational opportunities

and resources for the MAPA membership.


Term of Office:

Is a voting member, appointed by the Board. 

Term length of at least one year, terms have no limits on years served. 

Terms to run in conjunction with elected positions.


Responsible To:

The Executive Board of MAPA membership.



1. Professional attitude.

2. Honesty

3. Goal minded, keeping the MAPA mission and objectives uppermost in mind

4. Good organizational, communication and leadership skills

5. Member in good standing of MAPA

6. Perform duties and responsibilities of their position in an ethical manner as relates to the By-laws, policy and job description

7. Be prepared to give report or address issues as called upon at MAPA meetings/sessions.

8. Computer knowledge and access to a computer


Time Commitment:

4 + Board Meetings

5 Workshops/Sessions (1/2 & Full Days)


Approximately 8+ hours per month


Education Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Attend all Executive Board meetings and special meetings.
  2. Promote and uphold the By-laws, goals, mission and objectives of the MAPA organization and provide direction for the future goals of MAPA.
  3. Maintain an organizational file of appropriate documents, minutes, letters and other association information.
  4. Maintain a current list of all board members and committee chairpersons.
  5. Submit appropriate expenses to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Staying within budget allotment.
  6. Review and update this job description as needed at the first Board meeting of the year.
  7. Take an active role in the board.
  8. Submit MAPA articles on time.
  9. Selection and securing speakers for workshops/sessions.
  10. Researching topic suggestions for education sessions.
  11. Researching resources and informing membership of new opportunities.
  12. Secure/Plan Virtual NAAP Platform for sessions held virtually
  13. Preparation of CEU’s and give out/send out to members after each session.
  14. Preparation of Education evaluation and surveys.
  15. Be prepared to give a short report at business meetings.



Revised and approved

By MAPA Board  01/13/2010, 01/14/2013, 01/22/20, 1/11/22

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