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Hello, there!

I’ve been in hands-on geriatric healthcare for over 20 years. My focus has been on dementia since 2004 – it’s where I feel “at home” at work. And, as a death midwife, I help others to pass in a way that gives them options and advocates for their decisions. I’m co-founder and vice president of MindVue. We developed a quality-of-life tool for older adults and create 360 and virtual reality experiences that meet seniors where they are, promoting wellness in all its forms. My goal is always to make my passion my work.


I’m especially pleased to serve as the MAPA marketing chair and interim secretary. I've had a *blast* building and designing our new website! I’m enthusiastic about growing our membership and expanding on what MAPA has to offer.


I'm always open to new connections. Please reach out at any time. Every interaction is an opportunity for something wonderful!

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