From the MAPA President

Hello MAPA Members!

December must be one of the busiest times of the year. Not only with all the events you must have planned for your residents, but also in your personal lives as well. Take time to take care of you! Your staff, co-workers, residents, clients and families all depend on you. So take 15 minutes to breath, hydrate, relax and try to do it daily. 

We are excited to introduce our new MAPA Education Chair, Leslie Judge. She has offered to help find wonderful speakers for our seminars. If any of you have heard a speaker either at work, seminar or conference and think they would be a good presenter for MAPA, contact Leslie. 

Please renew your MAPA memberships and mark your calendars for our first meeting of 2018 on Wednesday, January 10th. Membership forms may be downloaded off our website. Last year we had a snowstorm and had to cancel the first meeting. If the weather looks bad the morning of our meeting, check WCCO TV. They will add us to the school cancellations that scroll across the page. 

Finally, thank you all for voting for me to continue as your MAPA president. I promise to continue to promote our organization along with the educational opportunities we provide. Please let others know about MAPA. Thank you to all who reached out to host for our 2018 MAPA semiars and we will see you all in the New Year. Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

Renee McHugh, ADC

[email protected]